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Finally, did it! Published the book

Finally published my short story collection on amazon. I’ve been working on this project for about a year now and now it’s done and I’m proud of myself.

This book portrays lives of African expats all over the life and we have stories about a witch mother-in-law, a real life witch maybe?, a man whose brides he married from home keep on running away from him and a boy who’s trying to live his life as a lyricist.

Lady Audley’s secrets

I’ve been too busy with work and other commitments that I’ve not been able to read or write, but I made time for one of the 1800s classic Lady Audley. It’s one of the most intriguing books I’ve ever read. I enjoyed the typical Victorian culture, dresses, entertainment and even formal language.

One thing I noticed was that Lady Audley was made a less sympathetic from the get go. I understand that later on she does a lot of things that makes her evil but in the beginning this woman was just trying to survive in a Victorian world.

How was she supposed to survive after her husband abandoned her and her child in such an environment? This book was written in a time when working women were looked down on so what was Lady Audley supposed to do.

She’s introduced to us in a superficial and selfish manner. A woman so beautiful that the beauty is fake. A phony to the rest of the world. Immediately, people dislike her and don’t trust her beauty, even though we find out about her evil plot to murder later on.

It was challenging for me to dislike her fully as I understood how painful it must be for a woman whose husband abandons her and she has to feed her son. What can a person do to take care of herself and her son?

Let’s write a short story collection: Tales from Abroad

Last year, I spent most of my time writing short stories because my novellas snd novels couldn’t make it past the mid section. It will be okay until I get to 250000-300000 words and then I get stuck. Nothing works. The characters can’t seem to move forward and this frustrated me.

I decided to focus in short stories to sharper my craft. When I submitted the first story, my writing group liked it, well not all of the stories. Some stories flowed perfectly but others didn’t work out. I realized then what I was doing wrong with my novels and novellas.

I changed my tactics with my novel and I’ve been able to write two tween novellas.

Reading through my short stories, I realized that it had a similar theme, and so I decided to make a short story collection to share the rest of the world.

Most of the stories are inspired by real life events even the crazy ones like the man who returned to his homeland for wives but they all leave him. This collections depicts the lives of African expats or migration. These stories are there to inspire people but you might end up laughing at some of the characters.

The face of your book

The cover is the face of a book and it’s important for a new author to have an outstanding one to get attention from readers, since people won’t buy your book based on popularity. People need to see the story on the front page before they can decide if this worth investing their time and money to buy or read your book.

This is why I put in extra effort with my illustrator to get a front cover that reflected my book. He didn’t read the book before he started the project so he couldn’t capture the message I was trying to portray. We discussed and analyzed this for over a month before we finally came to one that worked for the story.

I like this cover. It reflects the message of the story. A strong girl braving the chaos in her life.

You can let me know what you think about the cover in the comment section.

Let’s write a book: Akuaba

Writing this book has been fun and a fulfilling experience. The journey hasn’t been smooth and I’ve considered giving up a couple of times but I saw it through.

This started as a diary input and I decided to turn it into a novella. It ended up being all talk and no conflict. After the first draft, I wasn’t really satisfied with my work so I decided to rewrite the whole story again and I found an angle that worked for me.

This story is about a young girl’s experience in a new school. All of the names in the book and some parts of the story are fabricated. Even though, there are corrupt officials in Ghana, I don’t know of anyone called Essel Frimpong.

This story is about a girl’s will to survive. Persevere through her father’s scandal, her parents divorce, domestic violence and her family being broke. Akuaba is a fun and witty girl who doesn’t let her circumstances define her.

In her own words she says; why will you give up on reading a good book if one chapter sucked.

Life’s a good book but you’ll stumble on bad chapters. Don’t stop reading !

Black Panther: More than a movie?

Black Panther has been a huge success. People have trooped in from every corner in the world to watch this movie and it is legendary ….

It has also proven me right. I had a conversation with a guy, he’s black by the way, and I said Africa would have succeeded without slave trade because black People would have found their way somehow. He said no black people needed colonialism and we can’t think on our own (pretty sad huh).

I understand his sentiments, we’ve had pretty crappy leaders after colonialism and all they think about their their little unit, their tribe. That’s how Africa worked before, people cared about those in their tribes only.

This system of different tribes coming together has affected the continents and countries are still trying to know each other(it is taking too long).

During history class, we learned about the progress Africans were making before the whites came (I slept through the class but I learnt a thing or two), the Egyptians, Nubia, Axum and the empire of the Ashanti’s were able exhibit civilization before colonialism.

So the next time someone tells you, Africa couldn’t make it without slavery, tell them to watch Black Panther. It might be fictional but it works for us.

Feminism in Ghana :(

Feminism and standing for other women in a community is important especially if you feel that one group is oppressed. I enjoyed the rhetoric of Pepper them and Pamper them. Pamper them seems to be for marriage and it’s not a typical feminist group and there’s nothing out of the line with them.

Pepper dem seems to be the group that’s ostracized and brought to question everyday because of some of their utterances. Cooking for a man is slavery and stuff like that. How this turned to slavery, no one knows or even cares because this is an understanding between a woman and her man.

What I would like to suggest to my Pepper dem people is that…. You live in a society which serves to please the rich old man so what you could do is to focus on breaking that cycle and empower our women. Let’s ginger our women and find solutions for our ladies so that they don’t have to rely on these old people for money. Let’s find ways to empower our women so that they know that if they don’t open their legs, they can go to school and even find food to eat. I don’t really blame the women because it’s the system that has caused this problem and this is what we have to fight against.

Empowering women and even our young men is very important and worthwhile. Let’s ginger each other. Let’s empower and ginger our sisters instead of bringing them down with our Pepper vision